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This is an exciting new 56 minute DVD catfishing video you ! It is finally available to improve the way you fish! Not by trying to sell you new fishing equipment or products, we give you a new way of looking at the waters you fish! Information and knowledge to change and improve the way you understand the elements in any body of water and ultimately structure and its value when catfishing! The POWER POINTS of CATFISHING! Learn how to judge and weigh the value of elements and structures that hold catfish, more catfish, and bigger catfish. And then  present your bait  precisely and increase your number of successful fishing trips.

By watching this  catfishing video, and our other catfishing videos and DVD'S to come, you will become a better catfisherman in 1 hour! And there are two bonus segments showing another species taken using the same method! Use this method on your favorite species, any species, using your favorite presentations on your favorite water!

It's expensive to make a catfishing trip even to a body of water that is close to home. Doesn't it make sense to spend your time on the water KNOWING that you are using a method of location and presentation that will hook you into the largest catfish in the water in the shortest amount of time, regardless of the species.
Approximately 56 minutes of excellent instruction, fabulous fish and entertainment, but most importantly information and ideas to help YOU to catch more and bigger catfish by changing the way you look at all of the elements of catfishing! ~ Also Think about any other of your  favorite species and your  favorite fishing waters as you watch this video and our other catfishing videos to come! Instructional catfishing videos can make your next fishing trip the best ever!

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  (Approx. 56 min. in length, )
The Theory Of  3  Vol. 1
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